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In Miami Pro Management, our client’s peace is our number one priority, that’s why we focus diligently on taking care of all the property’s needs, so our investors can relax and leave it in our hands.

A common question from investors, is why would you hire a company to handle your properties? Hiring Miami Pro Management makes your life much simpler. Our job is to save you time and a great deal of headaches.

Monthly rent collection

And deposit rent payments into management account to make all necessary payments for the property.

Association payments

We make monthly HOA payments for the association (known as maintenance).

Disbursements to owners

Monthly disbursement to owners according to properties balance (profit and loss)


Whenever it is required by the landlord we can create accounts or pay for utilities.

Managing your property accounting

We utilize professional management / accounting software’s including income and expenses. At the end of the year, you will be able to provide these documents to your accountants.

Monthly reports

A detailed report that will be prepared monthly by our team, showing all financial movements on the property.


Get a well-organized file with all your property-related documents, always available for your review: Contracts, legal documents, invoices, receipts, repair photos of before and after, etc.

Tenant Communication

We establish and maintain a relationship with your tenants from the beginning. From placing tenants into the units, to handling and solving possible issues that the tenant might be having or might inquire.

We will be in charge of all the service calls from the tenants, as of supervising any repairs o maintenance jobs that the property may need*

Property Services

Depending of the required service, we will request professional quotes and select the best one. In regards to major repairs we will notify the owner and wait for approval.

*Does not include labor, materials, nor replacements.

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Save time and headaches.
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